10 Brilliant Money-Making Hobbies


Starting a full-time small business is a process of blood, sweat, and tears; why not choose, instead, to take your existing hobby and use it as a little side hustle? Most life-long passions are a way to unwind and sharpen your skills. These ten also happen to have the ability to pad your budget!

1. Photography

Snapping pics has become even more exciting now that digital has entered the realm. Professional photography is a demanding career, but a casual gig in stock photography, however, can be rewarding and done at your own pace. Look into sites like iStockphoto and others to hawk your digital wares. Payment ranges from a few pennies to 20 cents per photo.

2. Gardening

If your thumb is even slightly green, and you tend to do well with your garden year after year, you may be able to generate a little cash with your abundance of veggies, fruits, and flowers.

3. Shopping

“Pay me to shop?” It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? But if you keep your expectations low and only shop those places you’d buy from anyway, mystery shopping can pay for your gas the next time you head to the mall.

While only a small percentage of bloggers bring in the big bucks, even the most humble blog can earn between $5–$100 a month through basic ad and affiliate sales. It takes a little time to establish yourself, so be patient. If you’ve been blogging for a while, however, look into ways that writing about your passions can translate into commissions with our guide to how bloggers make money.

5. Organizing

I don’t like to do it, but if you are one of those who gets great joy from decluttering, creating spreadsheets, or hoarding plastic bins, you’ll likely do great with part-time work as a virtual assistant or organizer. In today’s consumer-driver world, people just have too much stuff and information (and not enough time or space).

6. Playing an Instrument

While hobbyists can’t usually charge as much as professional musicians, plenty of budget-minded brides and grooms will pay between $100–$200 for the joy of music.

7. Sewing

Your unique handicrafts can earn money on a site like Etsy, but most crafters earn cash with their more practical skills. If you can deal with last-minute requests and are quick with a needle, you can expect to get $14–$50 for each simple sewing project done from the comfort of your home!

8. Baking

If you can whip up a delicious cupcake or make a mean crumble, you could earn $15–$75 for an afternoon of baking!

9. Gaming

This should be done as a hobby but if you are good then have a go. Do this at your own discretion.

10. Dancing

Wives have been dragging husbands to dance studios for years, often with embarrassing or expensive results. If you have some formal dance training, are patient with others, and do a mean foxtrot, you could earn some cash giving lessons in your spare time.

What hobby of yours would you like to see turned into a part-time income?

Thoughtware.com Team

Thoughtware.com Team

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