10 Kick-Ass Ways to Boost Your Mood in the Morning


It always seems that Monday morning arrives too quickly, and getting motivated for the week gets harder overtime. What are your first thoughts when you first wake up in the morning. Do you jump out of bed and mindless go through your morning routine? It is certain that you wake up with either good or bad mood.

Nevertheless, what is it that makes mornings a pain for most people?

Even if you’re not a morning person here are 10 tips to boost your morning mood and make your day a happier one.

1. Physical exercises
Regular physical activity will help you to stay in good shape and if you do them in the morning it will help you to boost your mood.

2. Have a good breakfast
Healthy and nutritious breakfast should be an essential part of every morning as it will give you the necessary energy and strength for the whole day and will help you to keep fit.

3. Listen to your favorite music
Pleasant music is a great way to start an awesome day. It’s already a proven fact that music has a great influence on a person’s mental condition. Thus, why not start your morning with a great song?

4. Meditation
Try to meditate at least 15 minutes in the morning. Meditation helps to develop a real sense of happiness. While meditating you relax your body and soul, your thoughts become clearer and you begin to understand what is really important to you.

5. Eat something sweet
Even your favorite candy in the morning can make you feel good. The taste of some delicious dessert will boost any person’s mood.

6. Take a shower
It’s so simple, but a shower will help you to wake up completely and will give you more energy for the day ahead.

7. Do something pleasant for your loved ones
Prepare a cup of coffee for your spouse or give a hug and a kiss to your kids and spouse and it will not only improve their mood but will make you feel good either.

8. Get rid of bad thoughts
Try to enjoy your morning no matter what, even if it’s gonna be a hard working day. Avoid any thoughts about possible problems during the day or in other case it will make you feel depressed.

9. Relax
Very often the reason of bad mood is the morning rush that constantly accompanies you during this time of a day and has already become as something inevitable. To make your morning more pleasant and relaxed you should wake up earlier and do everything slowly.

10. Drink a cup of coffee
A cup of coffee in the morning will give you more energy and strength very quickly. While enjoying your cup of coffee you can think about the day ahead or remember some pleasant moments of your life.


Thoughtware.com Team

Thoughtware.com Team

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