10 Life Principles You Should Always Remember

This article was written by  Roman Soluk for Optimistic Life

optimismDuring the whole life you expect to meet someone who will understand you and will accept you the way you are. Then there comes the realization that this “someone” is always with you. And it is you. The power to accept yourself, to forgive, to rejoice and to dream is only in your hands. Just be happy: watch the sunset, plant trees and flowers, listen to music, read books, go in for sports – do everything you want. It’s the main principle of happiness. No one but yourself will make you happy, under any circumstances.

However, there are some other principles that determine your happiness. What are they?

10 Life Rules to Remember

1. Gratitude is the easy way to feel happy
It is a wonderful tool to maintain a positive attitude to life and concentrate on the right goals. And yet to make others happy. That in turn will make you even happier – the emotions are contagious.

2. Failures and mistakes are good
They allow you to gain valuable experience, learn a lot of interesting things and become successful, because life success often comes only if you learn on your own failures and mistakes.

3. Parkinson’s Law
You can do what you need much faster than you think. If you are inclined to postpone your tasks until the last minute, regardless of whether you have dedicated a week or a month for your tasks, the work will be done anyway in the last 2 days.

4. Your attitude changes reality
Pessimism can hide behind the mask of realism. That is why you find yourself every time “right” because everything begins within your mind. Your thoughts determine the quality of your life.

5. Don’t compare yourself with others
If you compare yourself with others, you allow the outside world to control you. It is much better to look at yourself and see how you progressed and grown as a personality.

6. 80-20 Rule (Pareto principle)
20% of your activities give you 80% of results. Many of the things that you do, in fact, are not so necessary. Optimize your time. Consider this and you will find time for the things that really make you happy.

7. First give, then get
It is the right order. Over time, you will get more than you give. Every moment on earth people’s wishes come true. Tomorrow it may be your dreams. There is no such person in the world who had made something good and received nothing.

8. Make friends
Treat every meeting as if it were your best friends. If you start to communicate with such a setup, you will be more confident, more open. Not to mention the importance of a positive impression.

9. Don’t live with fears
80-90% of your fears will never happen. They exist only in your mind. Even if something happens, everything is not as bad as you imagine. Anxiety is just a waste of time and efforts.

10. Take it easy
You are unlikely to remember most of today’s problems in a couple of years. If you treat yourself, your thoughts and emotions too seriously, it will only lead to the physical exhaustion. Relax and your mood will change instantly.

Just don’t be too busy. Your life is too short and time is too precious to waste it. Start living today, don’t postpone really important things, live your life to the fullest from now on.

Thoughtware.com Team

Thoughtware.com Team

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