10 Pictures That Will Change the Way You See the World

People tend to think of perception as a passive process. We see, hear, smell, taste or feel stimuli that impinge upon our senses. We think that if we are at all objective, we record what is actually there. Yet perception is demonstrably an active rather than a passive process; it constructs rather than records “reality.” You construct how you choose to see the world. 

Here are 10 pictures that will inspire you to stop focusing on the big events and start appreciating the small bits of life.

1. This man providing a comfortable seat after an elevator got stuck:


Via CollegeHunksHaulingJunk.com


2. The roadside flower stand:


Via reddit.com


3. This free treat:


Via mashable.com


4. These photos of Ahmad and Fatima, a young married couple who, despite Ahmad having no arms and Fatima having no legs, take care of each other:


Via amazonintl.in


5.The man who is teaching his girlfriend the alphabet after she lost her memory:       


Matthew Ballestero / Via r2.reddit.com


6. This giant display of affection from a son whose mother was receiving cancer treatment in the hospital across the street:


Via nydailynews.com


7. These grandparents not giving a hoot:


Via tumblr.com

8. This picture of a meter homie at work:


Via mixedmartialarts.com


9. This everything must go sale:


Via imgfave.com

10. This man who reads to a man who cannot read every week:


Via justsomething.co


Thoughtware.com Team

Thoughtware.com Team

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