10 Powerful Habits to Become More Positive Starting Today

Positivity June 15 B

What would your life look like, if you were able to become more positive?

What would feel different? What would your day-to-day effort look like? How would you speak to people?
How would the communication with your family, your partners, your coworkers – how would it be different – how would it be better? What about your ability to wake up early in the morning? Your exercise routine? Your health?

Here are 15 Habits to Become More Positive!

1. Express more gratitude.

Make it a point to show thanks for all the people (good and bad) , things (good and bad) and events (good and bad), in your life. Find the lesson and love in EVERYTHING!

2. Wake up earlier.

No more rushing. Get up early and start the day by making time for you! You deserve it!

3. Only surround yourself with positive people.

And if you can’t find positive people, read positive books!

4. Read or listen to something inspirational and motivational everyday.

Whether it’s your favorite inspirational quote, listening to a motivational speaker or visiting Everyday Power Blog, everyday! :-). Feed your mind with positivity!

5. Stop sharing your dreams and goals with doubters, non-believers, and haters.

Only share your dreams and goals with people who are available to support them.

6. Pay attention to your energy levels.

Watch what you eat. See food as fuel and have the energy to become more positive. Being positive is a full time job!

7. Go to sleep earlier.

Lack of sleep can lead to depression and depression-like behaviors. Take naps and believe in rest, as much as you believe in productivity.

8. Listen to music that makes you move physically and makes you soar emotionally!

For example, when I listen to Shake It Off by Florence + The Machine….I feel great! Every time, with no exception! 

9. Say positive affirmations to yourself.

Speak as if, think as if and act as if! Remind yourself everyday about who are, what you are capable of and who are you becoming. Say it until you believe it! Change the conversation in your head to a positive one!

10. Write your goals down and post them up.

Have the courage to write them down, then have the courage to post them up where you live. Clarity is power and progress is happiness!

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Thoughtware.com Team

Thoughtware.com Team

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