10 Reasons Why You Need To Find Your Life Purpose


“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it” ~ Buddha

For years, I lived on autopilot. I ate, breathed, shopped, studied–and generally went through life–without knowing why. I made decisions based on how I felt at the time.

Still, the deeper questions of life haunted me. “Why am I here?” I wondered. “Who am I? Where do I want to go? And how can I get there?”

Knowing your own personal purpose gives meaning and significance to your life.

Having an intensely-felt purpose gives you powerful motivation to achieve whatever you desire. Discovering your purpose grounds you, sustains you, excites you, gives you a sense of destiny, empowers you, and guides your behavior in support of creating a lifestyle of true greatness.

Today I give you 10 reasons why you should work on finding your life purpose.

#1 You Make An Impact In The World

You’re doing something that matters, you feel good and you are helping other people improve their life in some way or another. It feels good and will allow other people to see your passion.

#2 Doing What You Love

Your purpose can lead you to doing all the things you dreamed about because you are no longer making excuses to live a mediocre life, you have found what makes you come alive. 

#3 You Have Direction

You blaze your own trail, non-conforming to what once seemed to be normal, living someone else’s life. You have a goal and your journey is as clear as reality. You just have an inner knowing of what you’re meant to do. This makes life feel like play.

#4 Everything is Easier

Your purpose involves you using your strengths, passions and values (hint: finding your purpose involves knowing your strengths, passions and values.)

#5 Paid to Live Your Passion

By knowing your strengths and passions will create a unique gift you have to offer value and services to others. How can you use that gift and offer something to the world? Who can benefit? Will they pay?

#6 More Life

Knowing that there is more to life is such a great feeling, one I want you to have too. We were all created for a unique purpose. 

#7 Your True Self

You become your true self, live a more authentic life, you remember you have a creative side and can in turn create a fuller life for you and others. You know what works for you and what doesn’t. Most importantly you no longer seek to please other people.

#8 Inspire Others

Your energy, your passion, your zest and love of live will have people wondering and asking what your secret is! They will be in awe at your happiness and ability to never get tired or bored doing what you do when you have found your purpose.

#9 A Happier Life

People who have found their life’s purpose are happier. Here’s why. Your purpose consists of giving of yourself to others and when you do this you are creating happiness for yourself, because giving makes you feel good. 

#10 You Deserve It

Life may not always be perfect, neither will things go the way you want them to all the time but you will know yourself, who you are and what you are meant to be doing with your life and THAT, my friend is worth finding your purpose for.

Don’t put this off! Go out and find it!

Image credit: Cartoon Styles: W magazines – Jessica Stam 


Thoughtware.com Team

Thoughtware.com Team

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