20 Questions to Help You Create Your Reality


It is really easy to fall into the pattern of thinking the same stuff all the time and it’s even easier to think, “Why me? or not this when things don’t go the way we want.

I made a list of 20 simple, yet life-changing questions that will help you cultivate more magic in your daily life and stay on track for living the best life ever. Print them out and use them often. You are powerful. Always remember that.

1) What do I really want?

This one is going to help you get clear, so you can actually say yes to the things you want and start saying no to all the other stuff.

2) What would it take?

Asking this question takes you away from the limitations of I can’t, that’s impossible or it won’t happen to me and turns it into a glimmer of hope, a possibility AND it allows the Universe to step in and show you how you CAN do what you’re wanting.

3) Who do I know or who do I know that knows someone who is the perfect person to help me with _______?

I am definitely getting better at discovering the most amazing resources that are already available in my life. This question is going to help you think of the people in your around you who may be the key ingredients for what it is you’re trying to create. It helps if you start by making a list of the people you know.

4) What’s the best that can happen?

Always and only ask for the best that can happen. Why settle for mediocracy when you have the power to create the most kickass life NOW!?

5) How can it get better than this?

When you start living in “The Magic Zone” where what you’ve been dreaming and intending starts to actually happen it’s good to keep asking this question to keep yourself in the flow and aligned with the best ever possibilities.

6) How may I serve the highest good in this situation?

Lets make a deal to always intend serving the highest good, no matter what we’re creating. Sometimes it’ll cause a little extra growth or work, but the reward is always worth it.

7) Is this choice for my highest good?

This one will help you say no when your friends want you to go out binge drinking with them. It will also help you say yes to that daily meditation practice or yoga class you’re on the fence about.

8) Will this be fun?

Design your life to be fun and start making fun a priority!

9) Will this choice be worth it?

Again, good-bye hangovers and hello bliss that comes from meditating everyday for the rest of your life.

10) What does my body want right now?

Probably water, lots of fresh air, maybe sleep, green vegetables and…? Just keep asking this question and keep listening to the wisdom of your body. It knows best!

To read the remaining 10 please go to Finer Minds

Thoughtware.com Team

Thoughtware.com Team

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