20 Tiny Things To Become A Happier Person


1)      Wake up 30 minutes earlier each day. Enjoy the fresh air & avoid the mad rush.

2)      After you open your eyes, tell yourself today is going to be another wonderful day.

3)      Sit on the bed and feel the ground. Then, think about your future/ long term goal. Tell yourself that today you are going to be one step closer to your dream.

4)      Check today’s schedule.

5)      Have your yummy breakfast.

6)      Before you leave the house, look into the mirror once more and tell yourself you look awesome.

7)      Smile to everyone you meet.

8)      Help at least 3 people without expecting any return.

9)      Give compliments to people when people around you have done a great job.

10)   Focus on one thing at a time.

11)   Leave the company on time. It’s time for yourself and your family.

12)   Feel the sky the moment you step out the building. There’s no need to rush.

13)   Listen to the music and read a book that touches your heart.

14)   Give yourself some “me time”. Review your day. Ask yourself “what have you done well today?” & “what can be improved in the future?”

15)   Complete your schedule for the next day.

16)   Prepare everything you need for the next day to avoid rush.

17)   Enjoy the precious moments: bedtime story for your kids/ a little chat with your loved one.

18)   Hug and say good night to your loved ones.

19)   Count all the wonderful things you have encountered today, one by one.

20)  Leave tomorrow’s worries for tomorrow. Close your eyes and sleep with a smile.

Thoughtware.com Team

Thoughtware.com Team

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