Monthly Archive: July 2013


Do it Well or not at All

“Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.” – John W. Gardner The huge difference there is between some cold boxed pizza versus a really delicious homemade dish, is the direct result of a recipe that...


The Daily Checklist

Here’s a problem worth solving: am I doing the thing I most need to be doing right now? How do you figure that out? You might be reading this article, but should you be...


Streamline Your Life

If you ever feel like your life is a bit chaotic or unstructured, it’s most likely because you haven’t given enough thought to the various systems in your life — how you go about...


Toss Your Expectations Into the Ocean

“Act without expectation.”~Lao Tzu   How much of your stress, frustration, disappointment, anger, irritation comes from one little thing? Almost all of it comes from your expectations, and when things (inevitably) don’t turn out...


Workplace Conflict is a Fact of Life

In the 2010 action comedy film “The Other Guys” (starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg) you get the perfect example of what happens when co workers don’t necessarily click.  The story revolves around two...

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