Monthly Archive: August 2013


Message of the Day

Silencing involves meditating in our mind. It is not an intellectual activity, but an attempt to expand our consciousness and be aware of our ‘real sense of being.’ We all have struggles and fears...


Life Through Your Eyes

Fact, there is no test to determine if one person actually sees a color the same way another does. Another interesting fact is that there are actually people that can “smell” or “feel” colors....


Talk About Rewarding Yourself!

We’ve all seen the usual tabloid headline “Such and such celebrity bought a mansion” “He or she gifted themselves a 20 carat diamond ring” and so on. It’s as if material desire has become...


Meditation 101

Meditation:  The action or practice of meditating: “a life of meditation”. Now, the dictionary is grammatically correct. Realistically then, what would be the actual meaning of the act of meditating in the contemporary world?...


Take a Break from Breaking News

If you wake up and check email while you watch the news, don’t be surprised if you feel frazzled and stressed by noon. There is so much good happening in the world, but it’s...

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