3-Step Key To Growing Happiness: Decision Making


Throughout our life we will make many important decisions. We make decisions about our relationships, where to live and about our career, for example. However, the most important decision, we ever have to make, is the one to be happy. We can decide to be happy, regardless of external circumstances, which are often beyond our control. By changing the source of our happiness from external to internal, we can be the master of our world. 

The key to achieving this happiness, is to decide that there will not be conditions attached to our happiness. It is possible to be unconditionally happy!

Of course we all want to be happy, but most of us attach conditions to it such as, we will be happy when we get the perfect job, partner, car or career.

When we make the commitment to be happy, right now, here, today—we are truly on the path to living the life we were born to live. This does not mean that we will achieve instant happiness, but that we have sent out a powerful intent. This intention will over time transform any disharmony that we experience to feelings of joy, peace and bliss.

The intention of unconditional happiness, creates a heightened awareness of anything that is standing in the way of our goal. Things such as unresolved issues, non-supportive relationships or a career that is not our true purpose, will become obvious. Initially, this can be confusing as we feel the discord within. However, this is a wonderful opportunity to use these feelings, as alchemy to connect to our true source of happiness.

Three steps to happiness: 

Sitting with the discomfort

Rather than blaming others, when we feel strong emotions (usually disproportionate to the event), sit with the discomfort. Strong feelings are often indicative of an emotional charge around a situation. This can be quite physical, we could even feel shaky or overwhelmed. This is a sign that unresolved feelings from our past, are coming to the surface for healing.

There is no need for us to analyze or judge, instead, connect to the silent, strong part of ourselves and observe our feelings with an open heart. Our natural tendency will be to shut down or close off from uncomfortable feelings. However keeping our heart open, no matter what, assists us in healing this part of ourselves—forever! In time we will welcome this process as we feel the joy of our expanding heart.

Feelings are just feelings, we are not the feeling. It is our resistance to our feelings that creates our emotional pain. Letting our feelings flow through our energetic system, allows us to remain connected to our natural loving state, no matter what is going on externally.

Making decisions about the things preventing our happiness.

(Once we have processed any unresolved emotions, using the technique in Step 1.) Without the distortion of unresolved emotions, we will have clarity to know what is really causing our unhappiness.

Meditation is a wonderful tool, to allow ourselves to go past the chatter of our mind or ego (which does not have our best interest at heart). When we are in a still meditative place, we can ask our heart what it is we need to know. From this place, we will receive a kind and loving response, that is custom made for ourselves.

Speaking and acting on our truth, once our heart has spoken to us.

This allows us to flow with life, rather than remain stuck in our current unhappy situation. When we are still and listen to the strong, powerful life force within and then act on it, we allow ourselves to go forward in a direction that will make us happy!

This can be challenging as our heart may be telling us things that we may initially prefer not to know. However our heart is never wrong for us, as it is our very own internal guidance system. We may need to change jobs, work on our relationship, talk to a colleague or do whatever it is we need to do to allow our very own happiness.

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