5 Reasons Why Anti conformity Is Way Worse Than Conformity


Conformity vs. Anti conformity.

Which one is good? Which one is bad? Why?

The word conformity is incredibly loaded, conjuring up images of oppression and stifling of creativity, most people would say, but in the eyes of Christina Wombat, conformity has had an unfair bad reputation. In some ways, she believes,  it’s really just informal law.

Check out this amazing article that exposes her version of the matter.

Some people are so desperate to be nonconformists that they devote a great deal of their time to doing exactly the opposite of whatever “the masses” are doing. This form of “nonconformity” is more like what I would call “anticonformity,” because you’re not really doing your own thing, you’re just doing the opposite of someone else’s thing. Not only is it at least as stupid as being a conformist sheep or whatever, it’s actually worse in a lot of ways.

I’m going to illustrate this with a series of comics. You might be wondering why all the comics are about goths, and the answer is because they’re easy to draw. I’m certainly not saying that goths are the worst anticonformists. That would be hipsters. But nobody wants to draw hipsters, they’d have to be wearing something different in every panel and then there goes your whole day.

So let these goths show you how anti conformity sucks.

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