5 Things You Have To Let Go If You Want To Move On In Life


Taking a big step in any direction in life is quite daunting, especially if it does not fall into the usual scheme of things and support is hard to come by. Whether it is changing careers or getting married or fulfilling any dreams you might have, there are things you have to let go to move ahead. And here are those 5 things that you need to leave behind if you want to get anywhere.

1. Procrastination

Waiting for the opportune moment to come along for you to get started on a project is the biggest hurdle you can set for yourself. Any moment is a good enough moment to start out if you are actually passionate about it. For instance, why do you have to wait for January 1, or next week, or next month to start a fitness regime? Start today, now!

2. Fear Of Failure

One of the cruelest things holding us back from doing anything in life is the fear of failing in our endeavours. While we obviously listen to our brains, we have to give our hearts a chance too. If you ‘know’ you are going to fail, well, screw it. But if there is a chance you can make it, it is important to let go of all those fears and get started. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

3. Comfort

More often than not, it is our comfort zone that traps us from achieving our potential. Why risk it all in a risky start-up when you have a stable career? Why waste good money travelling when you can save it up for buying a car? They say that life begins outside the comfort zone – and if you have not pushed yourself to the edge, you may never know what all you can achieve.

4. Doubts

When you are charting unknown territories, it is natural to have doubts about everything fill your head. What if I am not good enough? What if it is all a big mistake? What if I should have opted for Plan X rather than Plan Y? While it is healthy to have a critical approach to things, giving in to nagging baseless doubts can really kill your spirit.

5. Shame

For some, starting something new or starting over can be more of an ego-crushing deal – because it means announcing to the world that their current situation is less than satisfactory. It might mean requesting others for help with their new path – material or intellectual. Ego is one of the most underrated demotivators when it comes to this, and is something to be shed to move ahead.

Thoughtware.com Team

Thoughtware.com Team

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