6 Kick Ass Tips To Planning and Living Life Like A Pro


Planning your life is essential if you want to live life to the fullest.

One one hand, it’s good to live in a relaxed state and to be in the moment. So much of the struggle and stress in life comes from dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

On the other hand, life can be more gratifying when you have dreams and use good planning to move toward your goals.

How to Plan Your Life

Many people have instant direction and momentum for their lives once they find their calling. However, not every person needs a “career” or a job that they feel passionately about — contrary to popular belief.

Yes, increasing your daily quality of lifecan mean figuring out what you want to do for a living. Some people will want careers, and that’s great.

But other people will merely want likable jobs-that-pay, while having a hobby or interest that they feel passionately about, outside their job. And that’s great, too.

Either way, a part of the planning process is to figure out what you feel passionately about.

Later, you can do some additional planning to figure out if that passion will be a career or hobby.

Each person’s journey is different in each lifetime, so there is no exact blueprint that everybody can use to plan their life. However, there are general guidelines that may prove helpful to you for getting the process started:

#1 Ask Yourself the Big Question

Ask yourself the big question (see video above), “if money were not a factor, and I could do absolutely anything I want, what would I do?” The best way to answer this question is not to overthink it. Relax, and fantasize. Your answer to this question doesn’t have to then be literally enacted, it’s meant chiefly to lubricate your creative process and provide increased clarity into your life.

#2  Use Your Answer to the Big Question as Rocket Fuel

Use your answer to the big question (see #1, above) as inspiration to start crafting your goals — it’s a good idea to always have a dream that you’re in the process of achieving. First come up with your big outrageous goal, then work backwards, breaking that big goal into smaller and smaller pieces.

#3  Craft a Relationship List

Relationships! Essentially, the main reason each of us is on the planet for this lifetime is to remember who we really are by being in relationship with each other. Therefore, a good life plan includes a component of improving and enriching your relationships with other human beings.

#4  Do Something You’re Good At

Identify what work you’re especially good at. It’s essential that each of us is working on improving our relationship with money that’s one of life’s biggest lessons and to try to skip over that would mean missing a key piece of your personal growth.

#5  Honor the Sacred Vessel

A specific strategy for consistently improving your physical and mental health. Are you enjoying the miracle of your own physical body and discovering what helps it to operate optimally? What are your health and self-care protocols? Your body puts up with a lot from you, so do something that honors the simple fact that: without your body you couldn’t experience life on earth.

#6  Tend to Your Spirit

Developing a clearer connection to your own soul. No matter what your spiritual beliefs, it can be helpful (challenging, but helpful) to imagine that you will have a life review at the end of this lifetime. Imagine that when that movie is played back to you, you will be able to viscerally feel the impact you had on others’ lives. How can you make more of a positive difference in the world?

Planning your life well is an important and essential process. A willingness to honestly answer one powerful, strategic question can dramatically improve your outlook and help you to live life to the fullest!

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Thoughtware.com Team

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