6 Smart Ways to Deal With Co-Workers on Monday



Do you love your job but hate your co-workers? Although it’s impossible to see eye-to-eye with everyone, you must learn how to work with people. If not, you’ll never get ahead in your career. In an ideal world, you get to work in a palatial, heavenly setting while you pursue your professional dreams of being the CFO or the main investor.

In reality, your workplace is one place where people can be nasty, difficult, dysfunctional and downright brutish – and you still have to deal with them in a calm and professional manner. If this sounds like something you are dealing with – and quitting isn’t an option – we’ll help you get through it.

Here are 6 ways of how can you learn to work with people you can’t work with. Well, it’s workplace rehab time!

Change Your Attitude

It’s never easy adjusting your attitude. But try to become more open-minded, and start searching for common ground with them. If that’s impossible, you might need to start looking for another job.

Avoid The Personal Stuff

Watch what you talk about. If it’s personal preferences and topics outside of work, you’ll need to learn to live with that and possibly go to a policy of not talking as much about personal items. Keep it neutral.

Know Your Behavior Style

Being aware of your behavioral style and how it differs from that of your co-workers is the key to effective communication and workplace harmony for sure. Be respectful as to what they are and how they go about life.

Learn To Adapt

Assuming you have been fairly specific with request to your peers, you will have to really think through whether or not those things impact your work. If it doesn’t and it falls into the category of annoying, you need to adapt; if it impacts your work try going back to them and share those concerns.

Start Listening

Stop ‘talking and start ‘listening’. To quote Shakespeare, ‘The fault, dear Brutus, may not be in the stars but in ourselves…’

Of course, if they are all of one type, and you don’t fit in, moving on may be your only option, but do not quit until you have a new job. All you will be doing is replacing sleepless nights about work aggravation with sleepless nights about how you are going to pay your bills.

Go To The Top

If you’re at the end of your rope with a coworker and have had no luck, it’s time to reach out to a manager. These kinds of experiences can poison a workplace if left untreated, so take the high road and keep working to get it solved.

But, be polite about about it. No need to sandbag people here. We can be adults.

Have you ever dealt with a co worker? Share your thoughts!




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