7 Ways Successful People Spend Weekends


We understand that you love your work, as do we, but weekends are meant to sit back, switch off and pursue interests outside work. Thoughtware.com gives you 7 ways successful people unwind on the weekends.

1. Family and Friends

Whether you’re running your own billion dollar corporation or you’re someone who has worked his way up the professional ladder, getting away from work isn’t an option, it’s an essential. Spending time with your family and friends is one of the most clichéd ways to relax but it’s also one of the most effective ones. Being with people who know you for you is therapeutic. Besides, after playing the professional all through the week, it’s nice to bring out the non-professional. And who better to spend your time with than people you’re closest to.

2. Pack up, Take Off

There are a few things better than just packing up and taking off. Weekend trips relax, rejuvenate and allow you to indulge yourself. These getaways are essential for your mind and body. In fact, if there’s something you’ve been pondering about at work, trips such as these allow you your time to rethink and will offer you a different perspective on the issue at work. Planned or unplanned, weekend getaways are just what the doctor ordered.

3. Switch Off… Literally

Once in way, it’s nice to have a phone-free weekend. Yes, take that cell phone and switch it off. Official emails, calls, texts and all else can wait till the new work week begins. Weekends are meant to be your time. There’ll always be more work, the issues will be there on Monday, the emails and everything that’s work-related will be as is where is. We understand that there’ll be a one-off working weekend but if this is a regular habit, then it’s a cancerous one. Unless you’re saving the world from an imminent nuclear attack, switch off on the weekend. It helps. And spending a weekend without your phone, well, it’s something that simply should be done once in a while.

4. Mingle

All successful people have weekends when they socialise. We’re social beings and while we need our moments of peace and quiet, we thrive when we’re among like-minded people. Whether you choose to spend time at the local club, relax over drinks at a friend’s home, choose to meet new people through your friends and family, it’s essential to socialise and surround yourself with achievers. Remember, all successful people ensure that they’re in and around successful people such as themselves because this allows for conversation, healthy debate, solutions to challenges and who knows, better business contacts.

5. Indulge in Your Hobbies

When was the last time you cycled with gay abandon, painted without worry about your creation’s acceptance, trekked, played the guitar, indulged in your hobbies? No matter what your hobbies are, they’re a great stress-buster. Hobbies allow you to unwind, find satisfaction in activities that are often overlooked and just allow you to be. In fact, experts claim that when you allow your creativity to take over, you often find solutions to issues at work. Allow yourself some me-time and let go of all constraints when it comes to your hobbies. Throw yourself into them head-first and you’ll be a new person before the weekend ends!

6. Take a Class

What suits your fancy right now? Dancing, yoga, a particular form of exercise? Taking a class in a new art, dance or exercise form broadens your perspective on life. You’re learning something new, doing something different and enjoying it at the same time. All successful people believe that life is a continuous journey of discovering, learning and enhancing your personal and professional skills. And, learning a new activity helps you unwind and relax. Additionally, you meet different people who enjoy the same recreational activity, which is another addition.

7. Meditate

This one’s not for everyone but it’s an essential. Business-related stress is one of the foremost reasons for stress-related ailments. You’ve got to remember that no matter how successful you are, there’ll be business-related issues. And the first step in dealing with these is accepting them. Meditation helps you keep calm, helps you find peace and helps you see things from a broader perspective. Honest practice requires time and effort and if you allow yourself an hour of quiet meditation over the weekend, you’ll be able to face the following week in a calmer, collected way.

Thoughtware.com Team

Thoughtware.com Team

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