8 Tips to Start Enjoying Your Life Today


Are you always busy? Too much to do and too little time to do it?

As you probably know our philosophy is to enjoy life more for less. There are many ways to do this as you’ll discover if you browse around the site.

In essence though, it comes down to this: in today’s world people are rushing around too much, consuming too much, moving too fast, stressing too much and living life with too many excesses.

What we’ve found is that excess actually decreases our enjoyment of life.

Granted there is much enjoyment to be had from modern technology and all that it brings us, but if it’s always on, if we’re always connected, doesn’t that become an issue?

Excesses lead to all kinds of problems, but the biggest problem is that life is less enjoyable.

Decide to Enjoy Life More

We’ve found that by living a simpler, more modest life, by slowing down, taking more time to be part of our surroundings and community and by appreciating what we’ve got, we can actually enjoy a richer and fuller life.

Yes, less is more.

Enjoying life more starts with the decision to enjoy life more.

It’s a mindset that believes in living in the moment. Being mindful. Turning Limiting Beliefs into positive self beliefs or letting go of them altogether. Having the belief that excess, rushing, having a full schedule, getting constantly bombarded with requests and distractions, isn’t ideal. Instead we decide to:

  • Buy less
  • Do and Consume Less
  • Waste Less
  • Slow down
  • Live in the moment – be mindful and present
  • Appreciate things fully

It’s the little things that make life enjoyable: a walk in the forest, a beautiful sunset, a delicious book, fresh fruit direct from a tree, a smile from a loved one.

And by simplifying, we can enjoy every moment to the fullest.

8 Ways To A Simpler And More Enjoyable Life

Here are 8 things to consider on your journey to a simpler and more fulfilling life…

  1. Breathe
  2. Slow Down
  3. Be still
  4. Listen
  5. Learn
  6. Appreciate
  7. Calm your fears
  8. Get Enough Sleep


Thoughtware.com Team

Thoughtware.com Team

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