8 Ways to Stay Hella Motivated Day In and Day Out


Staying motivated requires a daily ritual. In other words, motivation is not a one-time event. To stay motivated you need to do certain things each day to stay driven.

Here are 8 things I wholeheartedly recommend you to do:

1) Have a goal

Seems obvious, right. If you don’t have a goal then you have no reason to be motivated. To stay motivated you have to have a goal, a mission, that you can work towards. Goals can be gigantic or miniscule, it only matters that you have one and that you work towards making it happen. Make it happen.

2) Read motivating works

Every morning start your day off with a motivating or educational book. It is essential that you can learn something, get pumped up or both. Fiction is for playtime, if you want to read fiction you can read it in bed at night.

3) Stay clean

Staying clean and groomed doesn’t require 18 different soaps or specialty shampoos and conditioners, it simply requires you take care of your body the way in which you should. Daily bathing of course, clean, form fitting and stylish clothes, hair trimmed (especially the hair on the back of the neck), face trimmed (if you can grow a full beard, great, but if you grow spotty facial hair then you should always be shaved). Look the part to be the part.

4) Dress like a winner

There are no winners who look like losers. You can stand next to a winner and know it instantly,you can know it by their dress, by their cleanliness and by their demeanor. Dressing like a winner is a must. Every time I say “Dress like a winner” I always get a flurry of responses and excuses about why you shouldn’t dress like a winner, or that the weather is too hot to dress like a winner. Winners are winners on the inside and the outside, and their style of dress will confirm it. You should never wear dirty clothes, you should never wear ill-fitting clothes, and you should never wear cheaply produced clothes.

I can’t say this enough: The way you dress matters more than most will ever imagine.

5) Drink Coffee

Coffee is probably the worlds greatest drug. There’s a reason all those fruity types are obsessed with starbucks, and that reason is this – coffee works. Coffee wakes you up, coffee helps you focus, and coffee keeps you alert. Coffee is a minor nootropic and it’s the most easily available nootropic in the world. Buy it, drink it.

6) Have a rich mindset

Wealth is a mindset. Poor dirtbags are always going to be poor because they have a poor, dumb mindset. Ask any dirtbag how to get rich and they will say one of two things: Win the lottery or win a lawsuit. Making money is just a game, when you take it super seriously and become frightened of it you will never make any of it.

One thing that separates winner from losers is energy. The rich have a boundless energy and drive. They work 16 hours a day, party all night, sleep 4 hours and then do it all again.

8) Aspire for Higher

Aiming to be average is a great way to be average. Aiming for higher is a great way to become superior. It’s all in the mind. What you aspire to is what you become. Of course it takes action along with your aspiration, but hear this: You are going to take action no matter what. Aim for the stars. Maybe you only reach the moon, but you’ll be far above the rest of the faceless average Joe’s still stuck on Earth.

Thoughtware.com Team

Thoughtware.com Team

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