Be PROactive, Not REactive!

Creativity and problem solving are two of the least-talked about, but most prized qualities an employee can have. Employers expect professionals to do more than simply perform their standard responsibilities and react to miscellaneous tasks that arise.

During the course of the day tasks tend to pile up-even daily responsibilities are put off. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by deadlines and work volume. When your entire week is filled with simply performing duties and tasks handed down by higher-ups, you are being reactive. To advance in your career, you must find time to be proactive-to achieve goals beyond the daily and weekly to-do list. That is why it is important to schedule at least 30 minutes each week to do some creative, forward-thinking. Part of being proactive is anticipating client/customer needs and demands. For example, a supermarket manager does not wait until the week of Halloween for his customers to ask for pumpkins, he orders them far ahead of time. An exceptional employee keeps his/her eye on the calendar and on industry trends to bring ideas or services to a customer or client before they request them.

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If you're not evolving, you're fading. Find out how staying ahead of the curve can retain your success.

If you’re not evolving, you’re fading. Find out how staying ahead of the curve can retain your success. Team Team

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