Become The Person You Were Meant To Be, Its Never Too Late


All throughout our lives, we are told how to think, talk, be, and act. This guidance may have been helpful when we were 4 years old. However, most of the advice we hear today encourages us to conform to some mainstream “ideal”, stifles our imagination and dreams, and drives us away from who we were born to be. We then end up suppressing all the personality traits that make us so unique.

So today, I say let’s stand up against all that BS and realize it’s time to embrace who WE are inside, and not who we think others want to see us as.

In short,

Let’s give ourselves permission to become US.

Becoming you is all about authenticity. And authenticity is about being yourself.

It’s embracing the true qualities at your core: confidence, fearlessness, love, beauty, boldness, uniqueness, and a limitless inner strength.

It’s being passionate about your talents, skills, and abilities, and using them to create your mark in this world.

Reasons why you should be authentic

“Well-behaved women seldom make history.” Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

People who are unafraid to be themselves change the world and make history. Leading ladies like Toni Morrison, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Amelia Earhart, Coco Chanel, Marilyn Monroe, Tina Fey, Cher, etc., have embraced their own uniqueness, followed their hearts, and spoke their minds. They are the ones who dare to break the mold and take the path less traveled.

But being authentic doesn’t mean you have to stir up controversy or change the course of history. By becoming who you were meant to be, you will still be able to positively impact people’s lives and make a difference. Also, think about the people you personally know who you admire, respect, even secretly envy. What traits do you admire about them? I wouldn’t be surprised if they included boldness, courage, and authenticity.

Authenticity fuels self-confidence 

Being authentic gives you a fierce sense of self-confidence. It allows you to fully express who you are without apologizing for it. Consequently, this confidence will attract people to you (especially if you are single!), help you nail that job interview, get that client, make friends, or win people over.

Authenticity is your life’s purpose

Your ultimate purpose in this lifetime is to step into the greatness that is YOU. To become the person you were born to be and to follow your heart. Following your heart will help you live a life of passion, purpose, and fulfillment.  And it will lead you to all the love you need or want within yourself and from others. Following your heart lights your soul on fire. It makes life easier and simpler. Imagine a life where you only do what you love and you never compromise or settle. If it doesn’t feel right or lights you up with excitement, then you don’t do it. Sounds amazing right?

How to move back towards your authenticity

Try this fun and inspiring activity to help you figure out what authenticity means and how to embrace it:

Write out a series of adjectives that you want to use to identify yourself. For me, I write these out and post them on my quote board above my work desk to remind me to say no to anything that doesn’t align with those qualities, and yes to everything that gets me feeling closer to who I really am. Right now, my words are (and they change frequently): highly impactful, bold & brazen, loving, gorgeous, and authentic.

Choose 3-5 adjectives to describe you and post them somewhere you can see. Use some of the powerful adjectives below or make up your own:

  • bold
  • fearless
  • beautiful
  • passionate
  • patient
  • gracious
  • confident
  • funny
  • strong
  • empowered
  • feisty
  • fierce
  • intriguing
  • adventurous
  • ambitious
  • brave
  • compassionate
  • creative
  • dynamic
  • determined
  • enthusiastic
  • independent
  • intuitive
  • loving
  • loyal
  • powerful
  • witty

Let your true self shine on! Team Team

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