Becoming a Tastemaker: A guide to turn dreams into action

By Bryan Rodriguez.

Sarah Jessica Parker was 12 years old when she had a standing-room-only ticket to see Andrea McArdle in Annie the late 70’s musical. She wasn’t particularly known for her singing or dancing, however she scored an audition and won the role by “working really hard and maybe wanting it for a slightly pure reason” she says.Unlike some style icons, where it’s all cold surface beauty, she has  a wonderful humanity that always shows through. Parker now 47, has hopscotched from one generation-defining role to another in a career that has spanned decades and counting.

When you were a kid you probably had huge dreams.  What did you dream about when you were little?  Did you see yourself as a model, an actor, a politician or even a movie star? That sense of surety we felt as we were kids made us believe that we could do anything we wanted and sadly as adults that sense started to fade. For many of us our dreams start to disappear when reality finally hits us. Our goals end up getting smaller and smaller as a result of what other people have led us to believe we couldn’t achieve.

The starting point of success has always been the same. There’s no need for you to abandon your dreams, there is nothing more important that casting your own limitations and begin to dream BIG dreams. Fantasize about the wonderful things you can achieve. When you begin to dream BIG, your self-esteem will increase. You are going to feel more positive about yourself. You are going to have the ability to deal with whatever happens to you.  Allow yourself to let go and work hard to become the successful person you want to be.

Are you ready to take your power back? It’s time to think POSTIVE about your dreams. The most common and the most crucial question is “How can I achieve my BIG dreams?”  Well, Here are 5 basic principles to boost your quotient when it comes to be successful.

 1. Trust

You must trust yourself to make a real difference. Trusting yourself is a learned skill. It requires a deep understanding and acceptance of who you are and what you represent.

 2. Treat people with respect

I’m all about respect and I think we all should treat others the way we expect to be treated. It doesn’t matter who a person is or what they do for a living, they all deserve respect. The key to become a respected person is to be one.

 3. Do not listen negative opinions

It’s so important to have a strong sense of self-worth and confidence and insist on being treated with respect. Some people have a hard time dealing with someone else’s good fortune. Who cares about other people’s opinion? The opinions you should value are YOURS.

4.  Start NOW

 Are you waiting for something before you start? What’s the worst thing that could happen if you got started right now? The most important thing is learning from your mistakes and bad experiences. Don’t be afraid to start and let go. You have to believe that you’re a beautiful and worthwhile person who deserves only the BEST.

5. Enjoy

 You need to enjoy yourself. Count your blessings and have a good time. Be positive.

Don’t complain, remember that everything is worth it no matter what. Hold your head high and always have the courage to be yourself completely. Have confidence, Have fun and own it!

About the author: Bryan Rodriguez is a law student and a talented politics and fashion writer. Follow him on Twitter @MrBryanRodrigz Team Team

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