Can Discipline Cultivate Work Success? Well, It Goes Something Like This ..


Over the years I have worked so hard on being self-disciplined. It surely did not come easy! But I was determined to succeed at work and so I finally understood that it would take more than just wanting it, I had to actually DO something about it.

When working toward a goal or striving for success in any endeavor, self-discipline is often listed as absolutely necessary. How do you feel about that?

Do you cringe at the thought of self discipline? Many people do because it brings to mind visions of sacrifice, denial, and a constant battle against their natural tendencies.

To some, the whole idea of having any form of discipline imposed on them just feels too much like punishment.

The way we choose to approach self-discipline has a major influence on how we feel about it.  One of the most common problems happens when we get all fired up and then try to go from having no self-discipline, to forcing ourselves to undertake a huge and uncomfortable new challenge in the name of success.

Enthusiasm is a wonderful quality that can be very motivating. But enthusiasm can be short lived if we bite off more than we can reasonably manage. If you struggle with self-discipline you will probably benefit from the following three suggestions.

Consistency is the key

More than anything else, self-discipline is the result of a series of small decisions that you make each day.  It is so easy to chase after things that offer a giant reward with little or no effort. How many times have you done that? How did things turn out? I am reminded of the words of Jim Rohn who said, “Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.

What are your feelings about self-discipline and success? Team Team

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