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Start Small and Celebrate the Progress

“Instead of trying to accomplish it all — and all at once — and flaring out, the Essentialist starts small and celebrates progress. Instead of going for the big, flashy wins that don’t really matter, the...


Become More of Who You Already Are

Purpose is a powerful thing. It gets you up in the morning and keeps you awake at night. Anyone who accomplished anything great was driven by a strong, deeply-held belief of what is wrong...


Choose to Live a Life of Purpose

Have you ever wondered, What is “life purpose”? What are the core values I need to develop in order to reach that purpose? There are multiple interpretations of what life purpose is. A life purpose is...


3 Signs You’re Letting The Past Hold You Back

Are you chronically stuck in the past? Are you allowing your history to knock your present off track, much like a skipping record? That’s the question we’re posing today. First, it’s important to note that while the...


5 Ways to Feel Empowered Each Day

The consistent small actions add up and often lead to amazing results by year-end. Here are five powerful yet simple ways to make a meaningful difference in your life on a daily basis: 1....

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