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4 Realistic Ways To Follow Your Passion

Many books/blogs of the finding-yourself genre are little more than superficial, follow-your-dreams mush with no teeth. They are lightweight on reality, rational thinking, and right action. Typically they don’t have chapters called “a well conceived plan to get...


Should You have a Close Friend at Work?

As we talk about innovative leadership, many people are likely wondering what this really means in concrete examples, not some theory. One concrete example is the shift from the view that good leaders and...


10 Personality Types Most Likely to Get Hired

Personality Types to Hire It takes all types — personality types, that is — to run a successful small business. Having the right mix of people is especially important in a small business, where...


How To Accept and Decline Job Offers

You’ve made it to the end of your job search and you’ve managed to receive at least one offer. Perhaps you’ve even received two or more offers, giving you the opportunity to negotiate and...


How to get respect from your boss.

Thinking that you boss hates you is a really tough thing to face whether it’s perception or reality. We know from our research data on happiness at work that it’s something which can drain your confidence,...

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