Category: Getting Ahead


The Power of Being Thoughtful and Kind

Want to make a real difference? It’s easier than you think. Being thoughtful and considerate of others is something that many people take for granted. Our lives are very busy and we are often...


Overcoming Bumps In The Road

We learned in high school math class that a straight line is the shortest distance between two points. And what about those bumps in the road? Wouldn’t it be sweet if in our lives,...


5 Amazing Effects of Having a Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is never automatic. You have to work at it! Here’s how to become a master of the mind. A positive attitude–optimism, expectancy, and enthusiasm–makes everything in business easier. A positive attitude...


8 Useful Ways to Deal with Obstacles

We are confronted with obstacles every day. Sometimes they can be predicted, other times they cannot. Being confronted with an obstacle is much more different than being confronted with a failure. While avoiding failure...


5 Ways To Forget Your Ego and Let Things Go

Confronting individual interests and domination attempts against each other are commonplace. The ego is what keeps you locked away in your own little world, separated from the present moment. Following are five recommendations to help...

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