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Top 10 Benefits Of Being Yourself

The real reason people criticize you for being yourself is because they’re afraid of doing the same thing. But regardless of the negative aspects of doing what’s right for you, here are the top 10...


Helping Others Helps You to Live Happier

People are generally more happy when they have meaning in their lives, and part of living a meaningful life is having a feeling of making a difference in the world. Oprah recently demonstrated the...


20 Simple Ways to Love Yourself Better

Love yourself more,” we’re told. But what does that mean? What, exactly, does that look like? Does it mean spending the day in bed, or going out & getting some exercise? Does it mean...


3 Steps to a More Relaxing Weekend

To make Monday through Friday run more smoothly, tweak your weekend routine and take advantage of the extra free time. Saturday and Sunday tend to fly by, but if you learn to make the...


5 Tips for Creating Your Own Destiny

Too many people whine about not having the life they want. The main reason people fall short of their own expectations is the same reason most companies fail to achieve their objectives: poor planning...

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