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Shifting Our Dis-empowering Mind Has Never Been So Easy

Negative thoughts can be recognized by certain telltale traits. Specifically, negative thoughts—which we can also call dis empowering thoughts—are connected to selfish desire, hatred, or delusion. Thoughts associated with selfish desire are predicated on...


5 Activities Proven To Boost Happiness in 2014

Originally written by Jacob Sokol for Sensophy Happiness. What if we could eliminate the guesswork and get right down to real results? No power of positive thinking. No wishy-washy self-help stuff. No (more) screaming...


Now is Now. How to Seize the Moment?

Originally by Roy Burton for Selfgrowth We have all been there at some time. We come up with a brilliant plan for reaching a great goal, or we finally decide to set about doing...


Reach Your Goals Through Daily Habits

Willpower, motivation, self control – these are words that are bandied about to “help” you achieve your goals. They are good words, but the fact is that no matter how much motivation, willpower and...

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