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5 Things We Wish Someone Would Invent

The title is pretty self-explanatory. All of us come up with ideas for things, “they oughta make”, and this is ours. Waiter Call Button at Restaurants Airplanes have them for flight attendants, so why don’t...


Life Without A Cellphone. Yah or Nah?

Most of us couldn’t live without our tech gadgets,  given the inability to function in a modern society without being connected for at least part of the day, but not Tom Grotewohl. This guy went 16...


The Pros and Cons of Dating a Programmer

VIA Singles, stop swooning over jocks and chasing after billionaires. It’s the programmers that you should have your eye on. They’ve got it all — at least when it comes to code. OK,...



Here are the top news on gaming and  technology this week. Call of Duty: Ghosts The world famous and popularly acclaimed series of Call of Duty games has finally released its new installment. The...


What The Tech!

Here are the top news on the tech world. PS4 is totally exposed! Sony has reveled in their official blog page a list of 140 questions pertinent to (almost) all possible questions that can...



HERE ARE THE LATEST UPDATES ON THE TECH WORLD GEEKS… Pokémon Franchise is back! To all fans of the franchise, Pokémon is back. Finally the acclaimed franchise from GameFreak and Nintendo is making its...

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