Changes: A Matter of Perspective

Perspective is a young entrepreneur's war.

Perspective is a young entrepreneur’s war.

 Expecting life to go by and not to make drastic changes along the path left behind, is like dropping an apple and expecting it to stay motionless in thin air. As life goes by through us and through our surroundings, it makes sure its passage doesn’t go unnoticed; like a river making its way, slowly but persistent, changes are unavoidable.

Even though, to some extent, we can have control on how our day develops by creating a routine (no matter how simple or how detailed), at some point it changes to events we can’t control. By nature, as human beings, all of us develop a certain degree of comfort in the routine we have created for ourselves and when it is threatened by a possible change, the normal reaction is to avoid it as much as we can.

Have you realized that after a life changing event everything gets better at some point? This happens because we develop a point of view, the wide view of the panorama, the whole picture, the perspective. Perspective is the way we see and interpret things, it can be a burden or it can help us develop our strengths and identify our weaknesses.

When change takes place, avoid thinking “inside the box” and open the wide variety of opportunities this presents you with. The point of view is crucial in your perspective, if you are out of your “comfort zone” that means that you have just identified a weakness and this change can be a huge opportunity to develop yourself in that area. Think for the future and not for the present, most changes have consequences in the long run. Identifying those consequences will be of advantage in your adaptation process since you will be planning your future actions on facts and not on emotions. Remember: even the ugliest have a pretty trait and even the most fair are strangers to perfection.

A good friend of mine once told me: “Do you know why the windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror? So we can focus more on the future and less on the past…” I can say I could not agree more. The total appreciation of a situation that impacts your life will determine in a high rate how you would develop yourself in any area you undertake. At the end, you will have to choose, either you focus on the road ahead of you, or you continue starring the rearview mirror watching how everything left behind gets belittled; but always have in mind, even if your eyes are set at the rearview mirror, every opportunity that presents ahead will not stop.

Literature recommendation:

Book: Who Moved My Cheese?

Author: Spencer Johnson

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