Community Shows Love To Terminally Ill Boy By Celebrating Holidays Ten Weeks Early!

The holiday season is coming early this year to a very tight knit community in West Jordan, Utah. In what can only be described as extremely bittersweet, the community is going through great pains to show compassion and love to one of their cherished neighbors. Four year old Ethan Van Leuven had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer almost two years ago.



He had regularly been undergoing treatment for Lymphoblastic Leukemia, until doctors announced he was no longer responding to treatment. The child’s father Merrill Van Leuven, said the family was told Ethan was basically now living on borrowed time, and could die at anytime, from 2 weeks to 2 months. Mr. Van Leuven along with his wife Jennifer were determined to make his remaining time memorable and really enjoyable. The family was featured on The Today Show on NBC on Friday. West Jordan, a city of slightly over 100,000 people, gathers early and took the streets wearing Halloween costumes.



The children in the community were all dressed in festive Halloween costumes, and walked alongside Ethan. They engaged in the traditional trick-or-treating from house to house while gathering candy.



Ethan dressed as ‘Superman’ was also sporting a smile from ear to ear, as he carried his candy bag, alongside his proud parents. In a remarkable show of solidarity the entire West Jordan community came together to celebrate Halloween 10 days early to make sure Ethan would be able to participate in the festivities. Ethan’s birthday is at the end of November, the town also held a parade two days after celebrating Halloween in honor of Ethan’s birthday.



The community also celebrated Christmas next with everyone decorating their homes with festive Christmas decorations. The neighbors felt it was important to be able to show Ethan how much they all cared about him. The neighbors wanted Ethan and his family to know how much they all cared about him. Jennifer Van Leuven said knowing how much the community cared about her son and her family made this difficult time a little bit easier.

Source/Images : Team Team

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