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Creating buzz for your business is not hard. It takes a bit of creativity, willingness to fail and look stupid, and some strategic planning. You can’t control whether or not people talk about your business. Or can you? Do some businesses simply get lucky and enjoy an abundance of word-of-mouth buzz? Or do they make decisions and take actions that generate buzz? You can actually control how much buzz your business generates by addressing a few simple—but crucial—issues. When it comes to marketing, people always seem to throw around the word “buzz.” “Let’s build some buzz!” “We have to get some buzz going!” Things like that. But when you step back and ask yourself what, exactly, buzz is, you often find yourself saying things like, “Well, it’s… you know… it’s… something. It’s social media! It’s PR! That’s what it is, right? No?” Creating buzz isn’t always easy, but with the right planning and forethought, it can be a great boost to your business.

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