Customer Surveys: 5 Things You Need To Know

Image credit: AFP/Getty Images

Image credit: AFP/Getty Images


What’s the best way to find out what people think of your business and where they think you need to improve? Just ask them, Sherlock. Regularly surveying your customers can provide a direct insight into how happy your products and services make your customers, what deficiencies hurt your bottom line, and on what kind of new product development you should focus your efforts. Professional surveyors talk a lot about the concept of “fit:” Is your business meshing with your desired audience? If not, you might as well be throwing out money. Some corporations use customer surveys to impress their stockholders, others, such as public utilities, show the information to regulatory commissions, while still more use it to track trends over years. Before you even start thinking about what questions you want to ask customers, survey professionals say you should ask yourself: What am I trying to learn, and what am I going to do with that information?

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