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aimhighDon’t let it be “the road not taken”!

There are two main reasons we wander around life without pursuing our true personal mission: we do not know yet what we want to pursue or we lack the courage to pursue it. Placing the cards on the table, both reasons can be undone with believing in ourselves. We tend to do one or the lather, making us half happy but comfortable. This raises the question: Do you want to life halfway the potential you have?

Here are a few pointers that will help you identify your personal mission and provide you with confidence to follow your quest:

  1. Identify what you want: There is a huge difference between identifying what others want for you and what you really want. It occurs to us that following the road others set for us will make them happy and afterwards their happiness will make our lives full of joy. Personal achievements and self realization are not obtained that way, and at some point you will realize the difference between the path you want and the path you are walking due to other’s opinions. The easiest way to find what you want (and you are good at) is staying true to yourself, what you enjoy, what excites you, the talents that you have, what makes you different; all this set of features that combined make the unique self of you are the key to find your personal mission and the goal you want to pursue.
  2. Courage: Always a step forward, retrieving is no option! The ability to keep your foot steady in every step you give forward no matter how many voices in the crowd yell the road ahead is impossible, that my dear reader is courage. Even though you will have supporters in your road, there are always the not so positive counterparts, people that will present every possible disaster you can face in your road. A steady step is not a fast one, but is indeed a sure step, it might not be the greatest distance ever traveled, but surely it will be the most rewarding.
  3. Perseverance: Rome was not built in a day; same principle applies to your personal mission. Desperation plus negativity around you equals the perfect scenario for quitting. The force that keeps the march, every steady step ahead of the next one, is perseverance. Every dream (especially those who are worth pursuing), takes a quota of perseverance. The longer the goal is, the more steps required, higher the amount of perseverance required. A good way to keep it up is simply focusing on the road already conquered and also on how much you want to achieve the goal, if you place your eyes on how much of the road is missing, you will end up filling your mind with negativity and despair.
  4. Enjoy the Panorama: Your personal mission is not only about a mission, it is also about you! The only difference between every goal and a personal mission is that a personal mission develops you; it is about pushing your limits to the greater beyond of self realization. Most of us focus on every step we give; making us watch directly to the ground to make sure every step is as steady as the last one. That is just fine, but keep in mind to savor every sight of the road around you, to cherish every experience down the path, to feel every cool breeze or drop of water from the sky. This is your way and it was meant to be enjoyed in the peculiar way only you can perceive.

To successfully conquer your personal goal, always remember:

  • Identify what you really want, not what others want for you.
  • Walking your path in this world takes courage, be brave!
  • One step after the other, resting, but never going back!
  • This is your path in life, walk it your way and enjoy it! Team Team

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