Experiments You Should Try for Your Self-Improvement

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In this post I suggest you 40 experiments you can try on your way to self-improvement. You don’t need to try all of them as they aren’t for all people, but some of them can be really useful for you. Let’s start…

40 experiments for self-improvement

1. A month without social media sites. I don’t need it, but even among my relatives there are those who are obsessed with them.

2. A week without the Internet. Though the Internet is really very useful, a week without it can also give you some benefits. I’ve only tried it on vacations and it’s something new and unusual.

3. 30 days of being vegetarian. This is for those who are not vegetarians. Try it as it’s a great way to develop your self-discipline.

4. A month without TV. It’s not possible for me yet, but it really gives you more possibilities and it’s also a great method of developing self-discipline.

5. Meditation. Try this idea and it will reveal new emotions and will help to clear your mind.

6. 30 days without computer games. It’s for those who spend all their free time playing such games.

7. A week without news. Try to avoid listening to any kind of news, whether it’s a TV, radio, Internet, newspapers, etc.

8. A day of silence. Many Buddhist monks take a vow of silence. You can also do it. This is something really exciting, new, interesting.

9. Being an early riser for a month. There are great benefits of being an early riser, so why don’t try it?

10. A diary of achievements. Having a diary where you can put down all your achievements, successes and victories can be very motivational. Try it!

11. Spending less money. Watch your expenses. Put down your income and expenses, plan your month budget in advance. I do it all the time and it really helps to have more money without earning more.

12. A month of gratitude. Try to be grateful for everything you have. Do it every day for the whole month, and every time you remember of something good you have.

13. Using affirmations. They really help you to change your mindset, control your thoughts and keep your mind tuned for success.

14. Using visualization. It helps to make you closer to your goals. Try it!

15. A month without controversy and criticism. For most people it won’t be a piece of cake. What about you?

16. 30 days of concentration. Choose some task for yourself and concentrate on it for the whole month without any distractions.

17. 7 days without money. Try to live a week without spending money and with no exceptions.

18. 30 days of traveling. It will open new horizons for you and will give you lots of great emotions.

19. A week of getting rid of trash and junk. This will benefit you and your home.

20. A month of jogging. It’s healthy, helps to develop self-discipline and if you like it you can make it a permanent habit.

21. 90 days of healthy eating. It will be great if you do it all the time, but first of all try to eat healthy food for just 90 days.

22. 30 days of life in the village. Far from civilization. Without any comfort and in harmony with nature.

23. A month of dancing. Visit dancing classes for a month.

24. Out of the comfort zone. Try stepping out of your comfort zone daily for the whole month. It won’t be easy and you need some self-discipline to do it.

25. A month of good actions. Try to do something good for the whole month. Help strangers, kids, relatives, friends, etc.

26. 30 days of improving your relationship. Be more romantic, passionate, please your spouse in a way they want it.

27. A month of doing yoga.

28. Make your dreams come true. Do everything needed for the realization of your dreams during the next 30 days.

29. A week of creativity. Try being creative during this week.

30. Make a list of 100 (50, 25) plans for summer. With the help of such list you’ll have a wonderful summer vacation and will benefit from every moment of it.

31. A month of optimism. Think positively for 30 days. Avoid any negative thoughts. Stay optimistic no matter what.

32. The Pareto principle (80-20 rule). Try to use it in your own life. Learn more about it here.

33. Public speaking. Do it especially if you’re really afraid of crowds. As for me, I’m still scared of it.

34. Get rid of your fears. Try to get rid of one of your fears during the next month.

35. Master time management. This will help you to become more productive and have more free time. Learn some time management tips here.

36. Improve your memory.

37. Learn a foreign language. First of all start of learning at least several new words each day.

38. Cope with anger. During the next week try to control your anger in any situation.

39. Find a hobby. I’ve already talked about the benefits of having a hobby on this blog. It helps to become more creative, forget your everyday problems, relax, and sometimes you can even develop it into a business.

40. A day of barefoot walking. Barefoot walking is especially useful when doing it outdoors. However, choose a warm season for this experiment to avoid catching cold.

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