Go Google Yourself!


When you tell someone to “go Google yourself,” you’re usually implying that they are self-obsessed and conceited, but while someone who looks themselves up on Google daily may be a bit egotistic, you really should Google yourself here and there. That’s because your name is your reputation in the modern world and there’s no faster way to find out about someone than to Google someone.

If you Google yourself and find out someone has been spreading lies about you or putting your personal information online, you need to know that so you can try to stop it before this information harms you and your reputation.

In many cases though, you may well find out that you are the one destroying your reputation on Google, which means fixing up your social media profiles so they don’t look bad to potential employers.

Of course, not everyone can Google themselves easily. If your name is “John Smith,” for example, you may need to add in some other identifiers, such as your past jobs, high school, college, etc. to find results related to you specifically.


Content source: Lifehack.org

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