Got Fired? Meet The Start Over Mission

Getting fired, unfortunately, can happen to the best of us. It can happen even when it’s not your fault. There could be a personality conflict between yourself and your supervisor. Your idea of what the job was going to be like might differ from what management was thinking. You could have simply screwed up. It happens. You’re not alone.

Regardless of the circumstances, what to do if you’ve been fired? Where do you go from here?

First of all, don’t beat yourself up. As I said, getting fired can happen to the best of us. Don’t dwell on it. Instead, focus on what you are going to do next and how you are going to find another job. Keeping in mind that another hurdle – the stigma of being fired – has just been added to your job search. That said, there are ways you can address this issue and put it in at least a neutral, if not a positive, light.

Getting fired: when it happens

Don’t be angry
The last thing you want to do is go on an insult rampage about your boss’ hairpiece and small feet. It’s very likely that he might hate letting you go as much as you hate getting fired.

Find out the real reason
There’s a big difference between getting fired and being laid off. Ask whether this is an overall decision because of your attitude in the workplace, one specific event, or a result of downsizing and cutting costs.

Don’t waste any time
The bomb was dropped and now you know why, but there’s no use in reminiscing about old memories from ‘Nam. Unless you see the possibility of negotiating your job back, make a clean exit.

Stay on good terms
You don’t want to burn any bridges for the future, especially considering that upcoming employers might be phoning your ex boss for references.

Finalize all pink slip-related paperwork
Make sure that all official papers concerning your employment contract and the reason for your dismissal are in place. Find out if you’re entitled to a severance package or some kind of outbound bonus.

Pack up & go
Don’t roam around telling coworkers you just got fired, but rather inconspicuously gather your personal belongings (and we’re not talking about the coffee machine and network printer). There’s no need to go from office to office to say goodbye to everyone at work. Simply take the time to call your closest coworkers that evening — they’ll understand.

If you think your life is downhill from now on, don’t despair. This might be a blessing in disguise.

There’s no use in agonizing over what could have been if you would had remained there for another five repetitive years with the same basic tasks and water cooler discussions about Seinfeld reruns.

So tackle the situation head on and I’ll see you on the corporate ladder. Team Team

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