Here’s What Can Significantly Improve Your Social Life

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I was heading home one night and I realized I was frustrated because the few friends I usually hanged out with were all busy. I had no plans for that night and I was in no mood to go home. It suddenly hit me, my circle of friends was too limited, and it was my fault. I had to do something about it. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having just a few but quality friends, but everything in life comes down to connections, contacts and knowing the right people. This is not about changing who you are but to improve who you are and get more out of life.

These are a few of the things I decided to improve in my own social life:

Stop depending on everyone else, make your own plans

Ok, my friends were busy and I was free that night. I was starving so I headed out to get something eat. I wanted a burger, a huge extra-humongous-beacon-cheesy-with-all-you-can-imagine burger with extra-fried fries, and a diet coke.

Where would you go? Fast food is for anything less than a 20 year-old. No, get your phone, look-up for a nice place with good reviews that adjusts to your budget and that has a decent bar area, because you, my friend, are not eating alone at a table.

Once you get there, don’t look around, sit at the bar, grab the menu and spend some time with yourself. Enjoy each and every piece of whatever your ordered, and don’t forget…

Tip accordingly

No one likes a stingy tipper, being cheap won’t open doors. Tip accordingly to the service you were provided. Did the bartender recommended a plate or drink? Did he/she made small talk and a few jokes? Good, you have to tip well. Was the service bad? Maybe a bad attitude? Tip as well, but tip less.

Being nice opens doors, smile back and let the bartender joke around. This will be useful as you…

Become a regular

You liked the place? You didn’t? Its ok, it took me a while too until I found about 3 places I now frequently go to. Become a regular to at least 2 bars, learn the names of the bartenders and remember to always tip a little more than you should. Once you’ve found a place you are comfortable at, you will feel and look more natural. Places range from fancy-hat-with-classic-music restaurants to rock-Irish bars that serve spaghetti and meat-balls. You will know when you like a place. Heck, you can even bring your old friends now and then.

How’d you know you’ve become a regular? In my case, when I sit at my favorite bar, the bartender serves me up, without asking, my whiskey the way I like it: whiskey in my whiskey old enough to order its own whiskey.  Trust me, when you heard the words “The usual?” you are a regular.

There is a limit

People don’t really like the funny, drunk guy. Three drinks are more than enough for a night. Now that you have enjoyed your time alone, with plenty of time to think and solve your own issues, it’s time to listen. Don’t brag about how much you can drink or about stories that are over 2 years old, unless they are great. Take your time to listen, people will eventually sit around and start conversations, something you can do too, just be slick about it. Lear to listen, this is very important.People like to talk about themselves and their problems, but you don’t,you’ve passed that, you are independent now, now you get to listen.

Listen, smile, be prudent about joking and if you are forced to give an advice, only do so if you are confident you know about the matter;remember to look confident while giving the advice.

Exercise my friend, work-out

You don’t need to build up a perfect body, but it’s good to feel good about yourself. This will improve your confidence, something that is very important nowadays. Jogging 25 minutes and a couple of pushups every day will transform your body in no time. You have to look good in them jeans.

Here by now you have more than enough material to start improving your social life, sooner than later you will be where my last advice is meant for…

When in doubt, kiss

It’s late, you’ve had a great night and life, my friend, is too short. If you feel the slightest sign of chemistry and you’ve spend a couple of hours or nights talking with someone you feel you like, kiss. What’s the worst that can happen? Team Team

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2 Responses

  1. After I graduated It felt like I’m alone.
    I missed my old friend! I depend my happiness to them. It took me a year before I can finally moved on. And I start it with a simple smile. And now I a m happy with my new friends even if we are not that really close. I joke around and they’d laugh and they loved me for that. I enjoyed they’re company! I realized that our friendship with my old friends is over so, I need to look something new. Better start it with a simple SMILE.

  2. Profile photo of Chase Woo says:

    I get what you’re saying. Hope you were able to smile, today!

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