How to Never Compare Yourself to Someone Else Again

Dont Compare

Do you willingly allow the poison of comparison to ruin your happiness?
Do you let it walk all over your joy and make you feel small and insignificant?

Comparing yourself to someone else is a surefire way to kill all joy and happiness, a cycle that you don’t deserve because of one simple reason: It’s not true.

So today, tell your negative committee meeting to just shut up and then keep reading so you never again fall victim of comparing yourself to someone else.

Why do we compare ourselves to others?

I tell you why. We see their ‘finished product’ and take a look at our own ‘unfinished’ one and we lose heart. Comparison happens in that instant. We compare and feel disheartened because it’s easier to feel that way than doing the work. It’s easier to feel self-pity than committing to the consistent daily work that these others have put in to get to the place we want to get.

Most of us are drawn to an unhappy state of existence because it attracts more sympathy from the world than a cheery successful state. “Oh I just can’t do it! I am not good enough! It’s too hard!” we cry to the world and they say in response, “I am so sorry but we do understand! It is hard! You really can’t do it!”

We have a support group to commiserate with because they too have given up. So they give us approval not to do it too – the dream is too big, just let it go, watch others instead and live vicariously through them, would you?

So we continue to sulk and compare and sulk some more.

Happiness, success and joy can be scary, scary stuff if you have never given yourself permission to feel them and live them first hand, but come on, is it worth throwing away a lifetime of opportunity for a little fear and anxiety and want of some approval?

The answer is a resounding NO!
It Is Not Worth It!

Sure, it takes a bit of courage but so what? Dig deep and you will pull out an ocean of courage. You will astound yourself with how courageous you really can be.

Make your dream matter. Make it urgent. Make it important. If the person you compare yourself to has managed to do it, there is proof and this proof can serve as inspiration. This proof can lift your spirits instead of bringing you crashing to the earth.

3 quick ways to never compare yourself to someone else

We have established this much: Comparing blocks the flow of your creative energy and genius and makes you throw up your hands in desperation and say, “What’s the point?” Comparing is poison to your progress and your success.

Let’s add a note of compassion: this is normal and we are human beings. So it’s hard to just say never compare yourself to someone else. But because it’s so destructive, we need an escape route. A safe surefire escape route that brings us back into a state of productivity, happiness and balance.

Here’s what I have been doing that works brilliantly. Next time your negative committee starts feeding you false stories about the perfection of others, do these 3 things immediately:

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