How To Surround Yourself With Right People


No man can climb the heights of corporate success without the aid of others. Today’s workplaces are full of dynamic people who all seem ready to lead. It is important for yourself to know how to join the league and then rise to the top amidst the very stiff competition you are likely to face. Here are a few ways to reach the top the help of the right people.

Grow with the right team

You are only as good as your last project. And your last project is only as good as your team. Unless your team is happy and satisfied, they will be reluctant to put their all at work. It is up to you to create enough diversions and be the man of the moment that inspires and guides the team through every situation. As your team grows, you will also find the right people you want around you at all times.

Climb with your mentor

Your mentor has been there and done that. He is the single-most important person you will need while you climb the rungs of corporate success. Your mentor will show you how things are done and the way you can do them better.

Avoid negative workers

In a team, you will find all sorts of workers. The ones you should avoid are the negative co-workers who will always whine and bitch about their work and others. Stay away from this bunch at all costs and you will automatically find yourself in better company.

Don’t get flattered

It happens. One small project or recognition can make you seem invincible. But before you get your head in the clouds, remember that each sign of recognition is only a small step on the way to greatness. 

Trust no one

Your moral compass and ethic scale should be set only towards yourself. When it comes to information of any personal nature, do not trust even your closest confidante. You need to isolate yourself from other people from time to time and find your sweet spot. Cultivate friendships and find your second-in-command, but don’t trust anyone about anything. Team Team

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