Increasing Your Business Will Power

Think of the last time you struggled to focus on a boring or difficult task. Your wandering attention probably felt like it was outside your control, as if you suddenly lost the ability to focus and didn’t know how to regain it. We all feel that way sometimes.

Even in those moments, when you feel like you’re fighting against your own instincts, you can stop procrastinating and get focused. You just need to recharge your willpower.

For the average person working in an office or from home, it’s easy to become distracted. Yet finding focus — being able to completely concentrate on a specific task or tasks — helps people get stuff done effortlessly. So learn how to zero in, avoid distraction, and stay super-productive all workday long.

Mustering business willpower is a struggle for almost everyone — and it’s getting harder. Today, more distractions make it difficult to focus on your goals. To keep yourself on track, try the following:

Zoom In — Your Action Plan

It’s possible to find flow —or effortless concentration on and enjoyment of a business—by tackling a challenge that’s meaningful and manageable. Having a business you love with a reasonable workload makes achieving flow a lot easier. Whether at home or at the office, there are lots of useful tips that help people stay focused at work and make the most of the day.

Pinpoint the problem. What causes you to lose focus? Is it fatigue, hunger, or a Twitter addition? Figuring out the issue is the first step towards trying to fix it.

Plan ahead. Envision what the workday will look like before it happens. Write down what things need to get done or what you want to accomplish on both short and long term.

Meditate. Scientists have discovered that meditation may enhance certain brain functions linked to attention. This will also take you back to your roots (vision and mission) and head to the right direction.

Do smaller tasks. Some psychologists suggest our brain works way too hard to process incredible amounts of information. So working on one large project can be overwhelming — like trying to plan a whole event at work in one afternoon. Split up projects and actually delegate, you can’t do it all on your own, that’s just wrong.

Time box. Work on one project for a specific amount of time, rather than working until something is finished. We are only packed with 2 arms and 1 brain you know!

These are just few tips to help you come to your senses when the business stress kicks in.

How do you increase will power when distractions run rampant at work? Share your tips in the comments below. Team Team

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