Is Your Password Really Protecting Your Information?

You use passwords online every day to protect your private information from hackers, thieves, strangers, possibly even ex-fiances, but are they really protecting you or just making you feel a safe sense of security?

While it might be had to keep track of all the passwords and pin numbers you need to use in your life, it is really important to use a variety of different codes so someone can’t access all of your accounts by getting access to only one site. You should also make sure they are strong enough. Never use one of the most common codes like password, qwerty or 12345. Instead, make it longer than 8 characters and use punctuation, capitalization and numbers to ensure it is less easy to guess or hack. Also, change your password on a regular basis, at least twice a year -and set up a secure recovery method that involves your mobile phone whenever possible.

online-password-protection1Original Info graphic Source: Instant Checkmate Team Team

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