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One of the biggest causes of stress in peoples’ lives is undoubtedly work. In the workplace stress can come from almost every angle, whether it’s the tasks you are expected to do, the people you work with, your boss (es) or the lack of space around you. There are ways to reduce stress at the workplace so you can go home feeling much more calm than you normally would. All you have to do is use the following office relaxation techniques.

Breathe Deeply

If you feel things getting on top of you stop what you are doing and take ten deep breaths. This will properly oxygenate your blood giving you a new burst of energy while lowering stress levels. This is perhaps the most powerful office relaxation technique there

Eliminate Clutter

If you work at a desk or in a confined space try your best to keep it neat and tidy. Eliminating clutter can be very therapeutic and it also means that when you need to find something quickly you will be able to do so without turning the place upside down and creating unnecessary stress.

One Task at a Time

Multitasking creates a lot of stress as the mind struggles to focus on more than one activity at once. Some believe that multitasking saves time but this is a fallacy. Instead you should write a list of tasks you need to do and complete them in order of importance. You will be able to focus better on each task and your quality of work will actually improve without wasting any time.

Take Your Break Outside

Most workplaces will give you two ten or fifteen minute breaks along with half an hour for lunch. First things first, no matter how much work you have to do you should always take your breaks. Time away from your desk will give you mind a chance to rest and you will feel refocused when you return.

To get the most from your break, if the weather is nice, you should take it outside. Fresh air is rejuvenating and you can take the opportunity to go for a quick walk. This is a great way to reduce stress.

Stay Away From Negative People and Conversations

There’s always going to be a group of negative people at any workplace. Do your best to steer clear of these kind of people as they will drag you down with them. Similarly negative conversations will also put you in a negative frame of mind so try to be positive at all times.

Learn To Say No

Unfortunately some people will try to take advantages of others at work by coercing them to do their work for them.  If a boss or colleague is heaping work on you faster than you can finish it you have to put your foot down, say no, and tell them that you simply can’t do it without the amount of other things you need to do.

You’d be surprised how many people try and pass work on that really they should be doing themselves. Don’t allow yourself to be a doormat in this way.

Reducing stress at work can take some effort but it really is worthwhile. Most people spend around a third of their weekdays either at work or travelling to work so if you can reduce or eliminate the stress this causes you are well on your way to be a totally calm and relaxed human being.


About the author: Nina Peña is a passionate online surfer, monkey lover, avid vegetarian and talent recruiter. Talk to her through or follow Nina on Twitter @nina_tiki Team Team

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