Life Through Your Eyes

Fact, there is no test to determine if one person actually sees a color the same way another does. Another interesting fact is that there are actually people that can “smell” or “feel” colors.

That being said, we can truly say that life, through one’s eyes, is a unique set of experiences that only one can “feel”.

Life, as color, is a matter of perspective, a self experiment of variety and expression. How you feel while watching a sunset or how you analyze the various pros and cons on a business decision, depends on the individual traits that are combined with experience and education gained from the many areas you develop in. We are meant to be individuals and nature celebrates that fact every single day by showing a world so diverse in which not even a leaf is the exact same as the one next to it.

A key input to our daily life, not only as business men or women, but as fathers, mothers, sons or daughters, is the creativity we develop by viewing life in our own perspective and applying that vision with our own personal experimentation. Living and applying the vision you have of the world builds up confidence for the goals you achieve and this gains you valuable lessons on the wrong turns you take.

Enjoying life is enjoying the mirage that is exposed to our very own eyes, the delight of knowing one self and the joy of taking the courage to follow your own self. Being honest, who deserves to enjoy the wonderful sight presented to us every day when we wake up, but ourselves? Let’s not only be viewers of the almost endless cinema that our lives are, but let us be the leading roles.  After all, life can be any color you like. Team Team

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