Make Good Use Of Your Wicked Power Of Choice


One of the most amazing faculties we have is our power of choice. As soon as we decide that we are going to be happy no matter what, the Universe moves in miraculous ways to get us there. Yes, happiness is a choice!

Scientists, philosophers, and spiritual explorers all confirm that we are vibrational beings living in a vibrational universe. In fact, everything is energy. Everything. And everything has a unique vibrational signature, including each of us humans. At any one time we can have a different vibration or emotional tone from other times, depending on where our attention is directed.

How We Change Our Energy

Simply by shifting our attention we can change our vibration. The object of our attention determines our vibration. Because we are made of energy, we are constantly influenced and transformed by the energies we focus on. We are especially influenced by what is the dominant focus of our attention. If we focus on negative events in the world, we vibrate with that negativity and we feel negative and create negative situations. If we focus on the loving events of the world, we vibrate with that love and we feel love and create loving situations. This is why it is so important that we use our power of choice consciously and deliberately choose happiness.

So, think of how we can use this all-pervading, amazing, universal principle of the Law of Attraction for well being! If we wake up in the morning feeling lousy we don’t have to create a whole day of feeling lousy. We can consciously, deliberately train our attention to go in the opposite direction. We can choose happiness!

As far as emotional energy goes, there really are only two directions: one feels good (positive emotions) and one feels bad (negative emotions). By consciously using our power of choice and choosing the direction of thought that feels good, we can actually make that the tone and quality of our reality. How? Because whatever we put our attention on we become, literally.

The only way to tap into good feeling thoughts and feelings is by turning our attention away from the negative feeling thoughts and then purposefully turning it toward the direction of better feeling thoughts. This is using our power of choice at its highest potential!

Even though it seems our lives are beyond our control, the one thing we absolutely do have control of is our power of choice. Choosing happiness isn’t something to just do once then assume that will set the tone for the rest of our life. Instead, we have to make the choice for happiness again and again. Sometimes I find myself making that choice several times a day. This one technique can make a huge difference in your well being! Team Team

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