Monday to Friday Happiness Checklist: Daily To-Do’s to Keep You Smiling


Do you struggle to be “happy” from day-to-day?

The good news is there is nothing wrong with you. Most likely you just don’t know how to be happy.

But it doesn’t need to be a struggle as there are many small and easy things you can do each day to lift your mood, which can produce significant results – literally in a few days.

Interested to learn what they are? Check out my favorite happiness tips and apply them to your week.

1) Monday: Overcome the Monday Blues

Do you wake up every Monday morning with the same nasty feeling?

Reverse this by starting your morning by visualizing the day in front of you. Think only about having positive results. For example, visualize that you will get to work on time, that a project you’ve been working on will be approved, and that your boss will praise you.

This will shift your attitude to expect positive things, helping you to feel much better. What’s more, people will feel your new attitude and will start to react in a similar way, since by changing yourself, you will change the people around you.

Task: Visualize positive outcomes of the day in front of you. Do this for at least five minutes in the morning while you’re still in your bed, or as you’re getting ready. Continue this for next 30 days and you’ll feel a noticeable shift in both your internal and external worlds.

When will you know you’ve really succeeded? When you wake up Monday morning and jump out of bed feeling happy and excited about the day!

2) Tuesday: Stop Complaining

Do you complain from time-to-time?

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