Our Best Posts for Top Personal Development Blogs for 2014

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From time to time we all need a quick reminder of what is really important in life. Here is a list of the top personal development websites that I have come across on my journey thus far in mindset change. These sites have provided millions of people with a positive guiding force in life.

The ranking of the sites below are based primarily on their traffic and the quantity of eyes and ears that have been drawn to their pages and products, meaning Alexa ranking, and not a ranking based on the writing calibre or quality of site design. For an even more extensive list of the top personal development sites, check out my friend Brendan Baker’s site  @ “The Start of Happiness“.


Top 10 Personal Development Sites/Blogs 2014


1   LifeHack
Life Hack.org

2   StevePavlina

Steve Pavlina

3   ZenHabits

Leo Babauta

4   MichaelHyatt

Michael Hyatt

5   MarcAndAngel

Marc and Angel

6   TinyBuddha

Tiny Buddha

7   DumbLittleMan

Dumb Little Man8   PickTheBrain

Pick The Brain

9   PenelopeTrunk

Penelope Trunk

10   ChrisGuillebeau   

Chris Guillebeau

Thoughtware.com Team

Thoughtware.com Team

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