Overcoming Bumps In The Road


We learned in high school math class that a straight line is the shortest distance between two points. And what about those bumps in the road?

Wouldn’t it be sweet if in our lives, we could just take the straight, short distance to accomplish whatever it is we want? Have you noticed that it seldom happens like that – short and sweet? Oh no, there are always these bumps in the road, and traffic jams, and detours for us to navigate. Not to mention the mistakes we make. Okay, if that is how life wants it done, let’s look at that model and see how we can make that work for us.

Is it every fruitful to complain about the glitches that enter into our plans or the mistakes we make? No, it doesn’t help one bit. But I have discovered a simple tactic that does work when the bumps in the road show up. 

What is required of me right now?

You see, this allows you ownership of what’s going on; removes any sense of anger or vulnerability; and allows you to solve the problem without draining your energy away through negative feelings. It also lets you look objectively at any expectations you might have set up that make resolving the problem even harder.

Every path to success has rocks and detours in it. Every plan requires tweaks. Every strategy needs refinement. If you’ll see the truth in this, you won’t be so upset when those bumps in the road show up. You’ll acknowledge that it’s re-do time. You’ll see what is required of you, and you accomplish that without upsetting yourself through raging emotion.

Be kinder to yourself as you walk this life path toward success. It’s okay to stumble. Mistakes are only natural as you learn. Give yourself lots of do-overs. You need to see the errors so you can tighten up your methods and be more successful.

Success looks a bit like this:

Do something, make a mistake, create a course correction;
do something, make a mistake, create a course correction.

You will eventually win if you keep repeating this pattern. Don’t ever quit. Don’t turn away from your challenges. If you persevere, the only end result is winning.

Take Action Now

  1. What is my biggest problem currently? Write it down.
  2. What Big Dreams could happen if I make some corrections? Write them down.
  3. How can I remove these bumps in the road? Write it down.
  4. By what date would I like to have this correction made?
  5. Make a commitment and get busy!

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Thoughtware.com Team

Thoughtware.com Team

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