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Optimism: Key to Doing Great Things

Optimism. That’s the key attitude that the Valley has. That’s the key attitude behind creative ventures such as Google, Facebook, and many others. That’s what makes the people in the Valley dare to work...


8 Useful Ways to Deal with Obstacles

We are confronted with obstacles every day. Sometimes they can be predicted, other times they cannot. Being confronted with an obstacle is much more different than being confronted with a failure. While avoiding failure...


Why You Should Never Give Up In Life

Life: the one thing in the universe that holds true intrinsic value. It perplexes me when someone is willing to give up on it. People commit suicide each and every day – not only...


Video: Denzel Washington’s Advice For Extreme Success

Greatly admired and Internationally renowned actor and director Denzel Washington, delivered the address at the University of Pennsylvania’s 255th Commencement on Monday, May 16. Washington has received the most distinguished accolades of his art, including...

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