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7 Quotes About Gratitude

The essence of practicing gratitude is to stay focused on the things that really matter in life; what is really important; and to be thankful for it. I am in a space where I...


How to Streamline Your Life

You know those folks who seem to have it all together? For all of you super-busy people I have put together some handy tips to help you organize your life and keep your sanity....


3 Steps to a More Relaxing Weekend

To make Monday through Friday run more smoothly, tweak your weekend routine and take advantage of the extra free time. Saturday and Sunday tend to fly by, but if you learn to make the...


Breaking the State Of Mild Unhappiness

How can I be happy? Isn’t that something we all ask ourselves almost everyday? What is the answer? How do I get there? Most of us spend our lives being half happy half empty....


Career: Be Easy To Work With

In all organizations you’ll hear people complain about the difficulty of working with certain colleagues. Instead of being frustrated with other people not being easy to work with, shift the focus to yourself. Are YOU...

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