Personal Development Glossary: A Call to Action!

Following is your glossary of terms relevant to personal development, personal growth, conscious growth, and self development. Use this as a resource to clarify and further your understanding of personal development processes and tools. Not only that but also put them in action to see a difference in your attitude towards life.

The list of 20 personal development terms

Belief – is an element of our outlook giving us a confidence in our worldview, knowledge etc. It usually determines our behavior.

Dreams & goals – are two different things with the similar meaning. A dream is something we desire, but do not work to realize it. And a goal is our desire plus hard work, i.e. something we really aim at.

Habits – are the things we used to do. We can have good and bad habits. We do not pay attention to the first ones, but the second really annoy us and we are constantly trying to get rid of them.

Healthy lifestyle – is a kind of life without bad habits, unhealthy food, and all those things that negatively influence our health. It is very important for personal development as if we aren’t healthy we won’t be able to achieve other goals.

Law of attraction – is a belief that we attract these things we think about. For example, if we constantly think of something negative (if we are afraid of it), sooner or later we will attract it in our life.

Life improvement – is perhaps the main goal of personal development. It’s when we aim at making our life better. Simple, isn’t it? Easy said than done.

Love – is the best thing in our life. This feeling gives us wings. It is the best motivation that we can find.

Money – is a means without which our life improvement would be useless. But we should remember that it shouldn’t be our goal – only a means.

Motivation – is a thing that helps us to go on working in order to achieve our life goals.

Optimism – is a belief that everything will be good in future. It shouldn’t be considered that an optimist is a naive person. Optimism is closely connected with hope and faith (one of the main principles of success).

Personal development – is a combination of actions that aim at building a Personality, improving life etc.

Personal growth – is a process of improving our personality.

Principles of success – the main traits a person must have in order to become successful.

Productivity – is a result of our work, i.e. what we manage to do during some period of time.

Self esteem – is an ability to evaluate ourselves, our traits, skills, advantages & disadvantages etc.

Self-improvement – usually the same as personal development.

Skills – our professional abilities to do something which usually determine our career growth.

Stress & depression – are two similar negative things that very often interfere with our success.

Talent – is a natural ability to do something very good. All people are talented, the most complicated here is that we must know how to discover our talent.

Time management – an ability to manage time in order to increase productivity. Very important is not to waste time. Team Team

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